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Unaccounted for gas

What is unaccounted for gas?

The gas transmission system injects gas into distribution systems at gas gates. Retailers trading at a gate each submit their best estimate of their customers’ gas consumption in a month. The difference between the volume injected at a gate and the volume retailers submit is unaccounted for gas, or UFG.

Unaccounted for gas typically arises from retailer estimation error, metering or energy conversion inaccuracies, or technical losses on the system. The cost of unaccounted for gas is spread across all retailers depending on their customer mix.


This dashboard

The dashboard shows unaccounted for gas over time, both as a quantity of gas (measured in terajoules) and as a percentage of the total amount of gas injected. This dashboard ignores gates with a single connected consumer (direct connect gates).

The first page shows unaccounted for gas over a rolling 12-month period. The second shows unaccounted for gas month-by-month. Both use interim and final GAR070 data, which is publicly available here.

The map shows individual gas gates. The size of the circle shows the latest injected gas volume.


How to use the dashboard

The slicers allow you to filter by a gate’s latest UFG as a percentage of injection, by injected quantity (to focus only on large or small gates), by region and by gas gate.

You can also click points on the map to filter by gas gate. Hold control to click multiple gates.  

Clicking a data point on the time series graph will filter the rest of the dashboard to that month.


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