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The Story of Gas in New Zealand

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Clean burning, efficient, responsive and cost effective. Gas accounts for a fifth of New Zealand’s total primary energy supply...
Most gas is processed to set specifications.
30% is used for electricty generation
15% goes to key industries - dairy, meat, timber, steel, food processing, petroleum refining.
45% is used in the making of petrochemicals-methanol, and urea fertiliser.
The rest is used by over
268,000 customers for things like
Hospitals and community swimming pools...
Hotels and restaurants, horticulture
greenhouses and schools
... home and water heating, and cooking.
Annual demand of over 180PJ is supplied from
15 fields on and offshore Taranaki.
Gas is delivered throughout the North Island by 2,500km of high pressure gas transmission pipelines...
...and into communities through 17,745km
of local gas distribution systems.
Natural gas has been part of New Zealand's
energy supply story for over 45 years.
As New Zealand increases its use of renewable energy, gas has a continued role in:
• security of supply • providing consumer choice

Optimising the contribution of gas to New Zealand

Gas Industry Co’s publication The New Zealand Gas Story - the State and Performance of the New Zealand Gas Industry provides a comprehensive end-to-end description of the gas industry in New Zealand.

First published in February 2013, it is intended as an authoritative information source for industry and public stakeholders – from its historic development, the policy and regulatory framework in which it operates, its structure and a close look at each of its key sectors.  Links are provided to a variety of other sources for readers wanting wider or more in-depth information on particular topics.

The publication fulfills two purposes: firstly, as part of Gas Industry Co’s Gas Act obligation to report to the Minister of Energy and Resources on the performance and present state of the New Zealand gas industry; and, secondly, in response to an industry request for Gas Industry Co to take a lead in bringing together the entire New Zealand gas story.

Gas Industry Co maintains the report as a living document that remains current through the updating of statistical information, and significant policy, regulatory, and operational developments at least annually. In this regard we welcome stakeholders’ feedback and information input over time to ensure that the New Zealand Gas Story remains as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible.

The latest The New Zealand Gas Story and a summary of New Zealand gas industry vital statistics ('Facts at a Glance') are included below.

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