Strategy and Work Programme

Between October and March each financial year, Gas Industry Co conducts a detailed consultation process to establish its strategic priorities for the coming year and from that to develop a work programme.

This consultation is taken into account along with the Company’s own views as the industry body on the overall role of gas in New Zealand and the governance requirements for ensuring efficient and competitive markets. Together they lead to the development of a Statement of Intent for the period ahead and a recommendation to the Minister for levy funding through regulations (Levy Recommendation).

The Statement of Intent in turn sets out a detailed work programme for the first of the three-year planning period with indicative activities for the remaining two years. This reflects the requirement for Gas Industry Co’s funding to be approved by regulation each year as well as recognising the potential for changes arising from the consultation process.


Gas Industry Co Corporate Strategy

Gas Industry Co’s corporate strategy assists in the delivery of its statutory role. The overarching strategic goal is to optimise the contribution of gas to New Zealand.

Gas Industry Co sees its strategic purpose as providing leadership for the gas industry.

Accordingly, our objectives are to:


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