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CONSULTATION: Statement of Proposal for amending CCM Regulations

The purpose of the Gas Governance (Critical Contingency Management) Regulations 2008 (CCM Regulations) is to achieve the effective management of critical gas outages and other security of supply contingencies without compromising long-term security of supply.

The CCM Regulations underwent extensive review and were amended after the October 2011 Maui pipeline outage. Since then, the industry has experienced further events and exercises which have identified aspects of the CCM Regulations that could be further improved. Other external elements have also led to the need to review the CCM Regulations, including potential amendments to the penalty provisions in the Gas Act 1991 and the anticipated implementation of the Gas Transmission Access Code.

Gas Industry Company invites submissions on its consultation paper ‘Statement of Proposal for amending the Critical Contingency Management Regulations’. Submissions are invited by 5:00pm, 24 July 2020, and can be uploaded by clicking on the Upload Submission button found on the left-hand navigation. The consultation paper is found below under Related Documents. A submissions template is also available below.

A statement of proposal is the first step in amending the CCM Regulations. Following the receipt of submissions, Gas Industry Company will prepare a summary of submissions and then will determine whether we have enough information to proceed to the next step of preparing a recommendation to the Minister.


Confidential information in submissions/comments 
Please note all submissions received will be published on Gas Industry Company’s website.

You should not upload any submission to our website that contains confidential or commercially sensitive information. 

If you wish to provide us with information that you consider to be confidential or commercially sensitive, please contact Gas Industry Company to discuss. 

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