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Advanced Gas Metering Infrastructure – Submissions Review and Recommendations

Gas Industry Co published its Advanced Gas Metering – Issues Assessment paper on 24 September 2021. That paper set out a preliminary list of potential issues on the deployment of advanced metering technology into the gas market, with our initial commentary on each of the issues, and an initial assessment of the priority to be afforded to each issue.

We received five submissions on the issues assessment paper. Two from gas distribution network companies, two from gas metering service providers and one from a consumer solutions service provider. No submissions were received from gas retailers or gas consumers.

We have reviewed all the submissions and are now publishing its summary and assessment of the submissions, our updated assessment of the priority to be afforded to each of the identified issues, and our recommendations on how each of these issues should be progressed.

Submissions on this Submissions Review and Recommendations paper are now welcomed. The deadline for making a submission is 14 February 2022 at 5.00 pm.

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