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The Gas Act provides for regulations to be made for the purpose of 'prescribing reasonable terms and conditions for access to transmission or distribution pipelines'.

In 2006, a review by Gas Industry Co of transmission access issues identified a number of concerns relating to interconnection with transmission pipelines, with subsequent discussion with interconnecting parties suggesting that: interconnection processes were poorly defined; technical requirements for interconnection equipment had been changed during the course of projects; roles and responsibilities had been confusing; and liability/insurance matters had not been addressed until late in the process.

In response, Gas Industry Co developed Interconnection Guidelines, setting out its view on the features of good interconnection practice. The Guidelines have no legal standing, but are intended for use by transmission system owners (TSOs) - at the time Vector Limited and Maui Development Limited (MDL) but since mid-2016 only First Gas Limited- in the development of their interconnection services, and by parties seeking interconnection as a guide to the principles, processes, documentation and dispute arrangements that might apply.

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