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The Retail Gas Contracts Scheme is a voluntary scheme which assesses standard published gas contracts against a set of Benchmarks and Reasonable Consumer Expectations (RCEs) on a 3-yearly basis. 

The Independent Assessor's Benchmark Review Assessment Report - 2018  conducted in July 2018, evaluated nine published supply arrangements (eight residential and two business) across eight retailers supplying consumers. The overall alignment of all published supply arrangements against the Benchmarks and RCEs is 'Substanial'.  While this is the same level of alignment as was achieved in 2012 and 2015, the 2018 result is stronger than the 2015 result with all arrangements assessed having substantial overall alignment. The 2018 Report can be found hereThe next assessment is scheduled to take place in 2021.

The Previous Assessments section contains the results of the 2015 and 2012 Full Assessments, the Transitional Assessment in 2011, and the Baseline Assessment in 2010.

The Background section provides information on the original recommendation and consultation, minor amendments to the scheme, and the full scheme review in 2013. 

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