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2011 Benchmark Restatement

On 12 May 2010, the Associate Minister of Energy and Resources endorsed the oversight arrangements set out in Gas Industry Co's Recommendation to the Associate Minister of Energy and Resources on the endorsement of arrangements for the oversight of gas retail contracts dated March 2010 (the Recommendation). A "baseline review" of gas supply arrangements was undertaken as at 15 June 2010 (the Baseline Review). As part of that process, Gas Industry Co provided the Independent Assessor with guidance on how the retail contract terms benchmarks set out in the Recommendation should be interpreted.

Following the Baseline Review, the Independent Assessor and Gas Industry Co reviewed the process and determined that the Benchmarks, as originally consulted upon, would benefit from a reorganisation or 'restatement'. The restatement of the benchmarks contained in the below document does not substantially alter the benchmarks. Rather the benchmarks have been reordered and re-framed, duplication and irrelevant statements have been removed, and clarity has been enhanced.

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