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GTAC Preliminary Assessment - Cross-submissions

Eleven submissions were received on Gas Industry Co’s Preliminary Assessment of Gas Transmission Access Code (Preliminary Assessment Paper), and many submitters presented significant new material about the GTAC. Before completing the Final Assessment Paper, Gas Industry Co wants to ensure that other stakeholders have the opportunity to comment on that material. Gas Industry Co provided for a cross-submissions period in order to allow stakeholders to respond to the submissions received.

A number of matters have been raised in submissions on which we would particularly value further information in cross-submissions. These matters are outlined in the submissions template. 

Cross-submissions were invited by  Monday, 16 April 2018 and are available below. 

GTAC drafting issues

Gas Industry Co has prepared a memo regarding drafting comments raised in submissions on the GTAC. These comments were not included in the Preliminary Assessment Paper, as they were not material to our evaluation of the GTAC, but we do think that they are worth considering.   The memo includes proposed drafting changes, stakeholders’ comments, and our responses, and it is intended to assist industry participants to consider minor drafting issues.  The memo is available below.

Gas Industry Co welcomed comment on the matters in the table either as part of stakeholders’ cross-submissions or in a separate submission. Comments were also invited by Monday, 16 April 2018.


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