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Report on how Gas Industry Co would perform a GTAC Change Request - Consultation closed 22 September 2017

Gas Industry Co recently consulted on a Report that set out how it would perform a GTAC Change Request role, should the final version of the GTAC provide for it.  Submissions on the Report closed on Friday 22 September 2017 and five submissions were received. The Report, and the submissions received are available below. 

The code change provisions of the Gas Transmission Access Code (GTAC) were discussed at the GTAC workshops on 24/25 August. The current draft GTAC assigns a code change role to Gas Industry Co: to consult on proposed changes and make a recommendation to First Gas supporting or not supporting the proposal. In particular, following preliminary discussions on the proposed change between First Gas and holders of TSAs and ICAs, the Change Requestor would submit a Change Request to Gas Industry Co to consult on and make a recommendation to First Gas supporting, or not supporting, the proposal.

Gas Industry Co offered to set out how it would perform this role, as an aid to further stakeholder discussion on the GTAC change process.  

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