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As of June 2016, the Maui and Vector pipelines are under the ownership of First Gas Limited, who wish to converge the two access arrangements into a single access regime. We expect this work to address the previously identified issues.

Update on Gas Transmission Workshop - August 2016

Gas industry Co and First Gas held a workshop on Wednesday 24 August 2016 in Wellington. Items covered and relevant presentations can be found here.

At the workshop, stakeholders asked us to clarify how Gas Industry Co’s regulatory consultation process will fit with First Gas’ activities to develop a new gas transmission code. Here we set out our common view of the process to help stakeholders participate effectively.

The GIC, First Gas and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment will also be meeting in early September to discuss expectations for the process and how those expectations will be achieved.

One-on-one meetings between First Gas and individual stakeholders

As mentioned at the workshop, First Gas is keen to meet individually with parties that have an interest in the development of a new code. The purpose of these meetings is to understand the particular perspectives of different parties at a level that complements the interactions that occur through industry workshops and written submissions.

At these meetings, First Gas would like to discuss the following questions:

    1. What objectives do you think a new code should aim to achieve?
    2. What outcomes do you want to see from a new code to promote your particular interests?
    3. Have you given thought to possible options for the access and pricing arrangements that you would like to see considered in this process?

But, of course, stakeholders are welcome to raise other relevant matters for discussion at the meetings.

Timeline for identifying and considering options

Consistent with the expectations of the process, GIC and First Gas are proposing the following key actions required for the initial stage of preparing an options paper for the new gas transmission code.


Agree GIC/MBIE/First Gas process expectations

Early September 2016

GIC to issue a consultation paper proposing a regulatory objective, providing background information including a summary of the Panel of Expert Advisers work, and describing how GIC’s process will interface with the First Gas process


Mid-September 2016

First Gas meetings with individual stakeholders

September – October 2016

Identification of access and pricing options

September – December 2016

Identification of IT options

October-November 2016

GIC and First Gas to issue options paper on new transmission access regime options

Late November 2016

Submissions on the options paper is planned to close

16 December 2016

GIC to host 3 stakeholder workshops, the first principally to discuss its mid-September consultation paper, the second for First Gas and GIC to discuss and develop proposals for reasonably practicable options, the third principally to discuss the options paper 

20 September 2016

9 November 2016

5 December 2016


We recognise this timetable is ambitious in some respects and that adjustments may be necessary. However, we note that there has been considerable preparatory work over recent years (which will be traversed in the mid-September consultation paper) and there is broad industry support for moving efficiently through the process. We urge all stakeholders to engage early through the individual stakeholder meetings being arranged by First Gas, and by attending the three workshops hosted by GIC. We also strongly encourage stakeholders to use the information in the first consultation paper, scheduled for mid-September, to refresh their understanding of the issues, the scope of the work, and the international models that provide useful background. Being well across that information will materially assist your understanding of the options paper when it is released.

Transmission Options Workshop - September 2016

Gas Industry Co held a workshop on 20 September 2016 to discuss the consultation paper, Single Code Options Paper – Part 1, that proposes a regulatory objective for transmission capacity, provides background information including a summary of the Panel of Expert Advisers work, and describes how GIC’s process will interface with the First Gas process.

Information relating to this consultation paper, including submissions, and the presentations made at this workshop can be found here.


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