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The GTAC development work described in the Developing section has overtaken our previous work in relation to transmission pipeline access. However, many of the GTAC innovations are in response to problems identified with the MPOC and VTC access regimes. For completeness, we retain an archive of that earlier work in this section.

In Gas Industry Co's 2006 Transmission Access Issues Review paper we identified access to short-term capacity on the Vector pipeline as an issue. In 2009, a capacity constraint in Vector's North Pipeline caught some pipeline users by surprise. End users wishing to obtain bids for their gas supply found it was often only the incumbent supplier who could make an unconditional offer. Gas Industry Co’s analysis of the issue caused Vector and its Shippers to put in place a package of measures known as 'the Bridge Commitments' aimed at ensuring large end users had an effective choice of supplier.

For the longer term, Gas Industry Co continued its analysis of capacity issues as part of a set of projects known as the Gas Transmission Investment Programme (GTIP). While some improvements have resulted, particularly in the approach to analysing and reporting pipeline capacity, some fundamental problems remained. See the Developing section for information on how these are to be addressed.

Links to previous papers, submissions and workshop presentations are provided below:

Short-Term Capacity

Long-Term Capacity

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