Given our recent history of short-term demand peaks, sooner-than-expected tightening of supply, along with any number of economic landscape variables, the need for accurate and readily accessible production and consumption data is essential for industry participants.

Tracking production

Gas production in New Zealand is based entirely in the Taranaki region. The Pohokura field, the largest single source of energy in New Zealand, and about 17 wells together are responsible for output of around 180 PJs per year.

The chart below shows the gas output from most major gas fields in New Zealand.

Note: Not all data is publicly available as some gas is transported through private pipelines. It is for this reason the Kapuni field is notably absent from these charts. We are not confident that the publicly available information sufficiently captures the activity at Kapuni. 

For information relating to some of the production downturns in the chart please visit our Outage Disclosure page. Since September 2019 producers have been voluntarily disclosing planned and unplanned production outages. 

The data used to make the charts can be downloaded in this Excel spreadsheet.

Daily Gas Production by Major Fields

Tracking consumption

In New Zealand there are four major industrial gas users – Methanex Motunui, Huntly Power Station, Methanex Waitara Valley and TCC. This chart shows their daily consumption from September 2018 to now.  

Daily Consumption by Largest Users

Daily Consumption by Smaller Electricity Generators

Daily Consumption by Large Industrial Users

Last updated: 20/05/2024, 1:54 pm

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