Tracking gas planned outages contributes to supply planning accuracy and transparency.

Planned outages can be things such as scheduled facility maintenance, safety days and critical function testing. This chart displays planned outages disclosed by producers of gas. Charts do not include unplanned outages.


Tracking outages

Since June 2020, producers of natural gas (and Flexgas, owner of the Ahuroa gas storage facility) disclose planned and unplanned outages via the Gas Industry Notifications page. 

Work on information disclosure in the gas industry is ongoing. Please note that this information does not reflect our views on the appropriate level of information disclosure and does not replace, or reflect the outcomes of, the information disclosure workstream. 

This chart displays planned outages disclosed by producers of gas. This chart does not include unplanned outages. The reasons for planned outages can be things such as scheduled facility maintenance, safety days and critical function testing.   


Planned Gas Production Outages as at 2pm 6 July 2022

Outage impacts

Amount of gas lost via planned outages

This chart shows the estimated daily impact on the quantity of gas supply that will be lost as a result of planned outages. For example – in April 2022 Maui had a planned outage and lost 41 TJ’s of gas it otherwise would have produced under normal circumstances.  

Outages beyond six months away are not included in this chart.  

Disclosed Estimated Daily Impact (TJ)

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