You can use this tool to search for basic details about your natural gas connection. Enter a valid address or an ICP identifier (as displayed on your gas bill) to view general status information about a connection as well as the current retailer, meter and network details.

The information supplied is sourced directly from the gas registry so keep in mind that any recent changes to a connection (e.g. a meter change, or a transition from inactive to active) may not yet be reflected. Note that switches between retailers should take a maximum of ten business days, from the time the requesting retailer initiates the switch, to show on the registry.

If you can't find your connection see our tips to help with your search.

If you have any questions about your natural gas connection or you believe any of the information displayed is incorrect, please contact your gas retailer in the first instance.

Tips for finding your connection

  • Check your address or ICP identifier is entered correctly
  • Note that the ICP identifier is case-sensitive. For example, if the ICP is 1000557069PG384 the search will not find that ICP if it is entered as 1000557069pg384
  • Try entering a nearby suburb instead or removing your suburb entry entirely
  • Remover the street type at the end of your road name. For example, Customhouse instead of Customhouse Quay
  • If you cannot find a connection at your address it may be that there is no gas connected or, in a few cases, the connection may be listed under an alternative address (For example, if your property is adjacent to two streets)
  • The gas registry contains details of reticulated natural gas connections in the North Island. It does not contain information on LPG connections (bottled or reticulated)

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