Further to Gas Industry Co's 13 September 2018 News Bulletin, Gas Industry Co asked for stakeholder feedback on the following two matters:  

  1. Aside from matters covered in your feedback to First Gas on the GTAC draft, if there are any elements of the proposed arrangements that you think require particular attention in Gas Industry Co’s assessment, can you please explain what these are and why they are relevant?
  2. Stakeholders are familiar with the methodology we used to analyse the 8 December 2017 GTAC (broadly the three step; top-down, bottom-up and holistic approach), but if there are any aspects of the analysis you think could be improved, we would like to hear your suggestions, including why these are relevant to MPOC s22.16(b).”   

Feedback provided by stakeholders can be found below:


  • Greymouth Gas New Zealand Limited
    GGNZ Letter to GIC on GTAC 23 October 2018 138 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
  • Vector Limited
    Vector Submission on GTAC Matters 198 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
  • Methanex New Zealand Limited
    Methanex submission on GTAC 23 Oct 2021 762 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
  • Shell New Zealand Limited
    2018 10 25 SNZ11 letter GTAC2 subm 341 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file

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