Requirements and procedures provide an overview of legal requirements, technical standards and common practice for the gas industry.

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About this guidance

Gas measurement

Gas reconciliation

Gas quality


About the guidance

We prepare requirements and procedures documents in liaison with the industry. We do so either as part of one of our workstreams, a prelude to potentially more in-depth work, or as a useful information resource.

The topics covered in this guidance relate to the policy objectives and outcomes in the Gas Act 1992 and the Government Policy Statement on Gas Governance 2008 (GPS).

Providing this background information is increasingly relevant as more participants — particularly in the upstream exploration and/or production and retail sectors — enter the market. 


Gas measurement

The Gas Measurement Requirements and Procedures document gives an overview of the legal requirements and technical standards that apply to gas measurement.

We last updated the requirements and procedures in 2019 based on feedback from stakeholders.

Gas Measurement Requirements and Procedures 2019 update (PDF, 1MB)


Gas reconciliation

Gas Reconciliation Requirements and Procedures provides an overview of the reconciliation arrangements, including the key legislative and commercial documents.

It explains how physical flows and commercial transactions in the gas supply chain are reconciled and how the energy quantities used in each commercial transaction are derived.

Gas Reconciliation Requirements and Procedures.pdf

Read more about gas reconciliation


Gas quality

Gas Quality Requirements and Procedures aims to give industry stakeholders an understanding of the legal requirements and industry procedures that manage gas quality.

Gas Quality Requirements and Procedures (June 2015) (PDF, 1 MB)

Read more about the Gas Quality Work Programme



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