On 12 February 2018, First Gas held an industry seminar on the Gas Transmission Access Code (GTAC) Transaction Management System (TMS). 

At the seminar, First Gas indicated a number of areas where stakeholder input is required during the process. First Gas believe that stakeholder input to this project is essential to a successful implementation of both the GTAC and the supporting IT system. A summary of the discussions from the seminar is given below.

  • Test Data and Scenarios – while First Gas will be seeding the testing phase with ‘real’ data it would be useful to have data and scenarios from stakeholders to ensure that the testing phase includes the maximum possible range of scenarios and data.  Data and scenarios will be required by June.
  • System Acceptance Testing Phase – stakeholder input will be required during the testing phase of the project.  This phase will occur in August/September.
  • Data interfaces – stakeholders will be able to test web services during the testing phase of the project.  Stakeholders have requested if this element can be tested earlier.  Tieto will respond on this point.
  • Training – stakeholders expressed a preference for classroom training.  Some training will be provided prior to the start of the System Acceptance Testing phase.
  • Integration Specifications – will be provided by 11 April (in line with MPOC Change Request).  Stakeholders requested earlier release of this information if possible.


The following items have been identified by First Gas through the PFA Phase for consultation with stakeholders.

  1. Do shippers want the abiltiy to provide nominations to a delivery point that is within a delivery zone?
  2. Do shippers require the ability to distinguish nomination between the same TSA (multiple contract IDs under the same TSA)?
  3. Do shippers require the ability to assign a priority to be assigned to nominations?
  4. What data should be made available to Shippers, for example, Hrly GJ, Temp, Press, CV, UCTOT, CTOT, CORR etc. alongside informaiton that must be provided under the GTAC?
  5. How many decimal places should reports to shippers contain?

Stakeholders were invited to respond to the above consultation, and submissions were emailed directly to First Gas. Stakeholder responses to the consultation can be found below along with the presentation given at the GTAC TMS Seminar. 


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