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Governed by the Gas (Downstream Reconciliation) Rules 2008 (the Rules), downstream reconciliation is concerned with reconciling volumes of gas leaving the high pressure transmission system with volumes consumed by end users, and appropriately attributing them to retailers. The difference between the gas volume that retailers estimate their customers have used and the volume leaving the transmission system is UFG, which is allocated, and charged, to retailers in proportion with their consumption submissions.

This page contains information on the development, scope and structure of the Rules. The Rules came into effect on 1 October 2008 and were amended on 1 June 2013 in accordance with Phase I of the Rules Review discussed below. Phase II of the Rules Review is currently underway.

One minor amendment to the Rules was made in September 2015, following the work undertaken by Gas Industry Co on addressing retailer insolvency. The amendment is a new provision which clarifies the ongoing obligations for retailers who are no longer trading.

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