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Cross-submissions on Problem Assessment

On 15 May 2020, Gas Industry Company released its Analysis of Submissions on its October 2019 consultation paper: Information Disclosure: Problem Assessment. The Analysis of Submissions is found below in Related Documents. 

The Information Disclosure: Problem Assessment paper released in October 2019 for consultation identified several specific information areas or ‘information elements’ where Gas Industry Company considers there could be information transparency or asymmetry issues.  The paper assesses these information elements against the Government’s policy objectives for the sector as identified in the Gas Act (1992) and the Government Policy Statement on Gas Governance 2008. In December 2019, at the close of our consultation period, we received nineteen submissions on the paper.

The submissions received were generally in agreement with Gas Industry Company’s assessment of the discussed ‘information elements.’ However, there were three elements where parties had differing views. These were contract price and volume information, forecasts of major users’ gas consumption and major gas user facility outages. Given the range of views that we received in submissions on these three matters we gave submitters a further opportunity to comment on these elements through a cross-submissions process.  Eleven cross submissions were received at the close of the consultation period. 

The Problem Assessment paper from October 2019 and the submissions on the paper can be found here


Disclosure of Major Gas User Facility Outage Information - Independent Review

To assist parties with the above mentioned cross-submissions, specifically submissions relating to the disclosure of major gas user facility outage information, Gas Industry Company has retained an industry expert (John Bay, Contract Strategies Ltd) to provide his independent views of the issues associated with the disclosure of Methanex’s planned and unplanned plant outages.  Methanex, being the largest major gas user in the industry, has been at the centre of many of the submitted views associated with major gas user outage disclosure.  The paper that the expert has developed is available below.

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