On 30 April 2009 Gas Industry Co received a request from Maui Development Limited (MDL) to consider and make a recommendation in respect of proposed changes to the Maui Pipeline Operating Code (MPOC).

In accordance with its Memorandum of Understanding with MDL, Gas Industry Co has determined the following timetable for obtaining submissions on the proposed change request, making a draft recommendation, obtaining submissions on that draft and making its final recommendation to MDL.

 Approximate Date


 11 May 2009 Gas Industry Co calls for submissions on change request 
 15 June 2009 Close of submissions on change request 
 17 July 2009 Gas Industry Co released draft recommendation and calls for submissions 
 21 August 2009 Close of submissions on draft recommendation 
 1 October 2009 Gas Industry Co make recommendation to MDL 

Gas Industry Co will publish all submissions and its draft and final recommendations on its website.

If you believe your submission contains confidential or commercially sensitive information, you may indicate that to Gas Industry Co and the reasons for your belief. Gas Industry Co may delete that information from the submission before publishing it on its website where:

  • it is satisfied that you, or another identified person, would be materially commercially disadvantaged if the information is published;
  • the information is not essential or material to the decision to be made by Gas Industry Co; and
  • it is satisfied that, despite the deletion of the information, other parties and industry participants will not be hindered, ill-informed or otherwise materially disadvantaged when making, or deciding whether or not to make, submissions themselves.

Parties who wish to make submissions on the change request are invited to respond by 5.00pm on the date indicated above. Please note that submissions received after those dates may not be able to be considered.

Gas Industry Co's preference is to receive submissions in electronic form (Microsoft Word format or pdf) uploaded onto the website.

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  • Gas Industry Company
    Contact Energy 61 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
  • Gas Industry Company
    Greymouth Gas NZ 52 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
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    On Gas 25 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
  • Gas Industry Company
    Submission on April and May 09 MPOC change requests 70 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file

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