In a letter dated 31 October 2013 Gas Industry Co invited MDL, Vector and the signatories to the pipeline access codes to adopt and operationalise a set of guiding principles developed by the PEA in its July 2013 advice paper.

MDL and Vector subsequently agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was provided to Gas Industry Co. The MoU states that the parties "agree to proceed with a programme of work to evolve towards a compatible set of access and capacity pricing arrangements across both pipeline systems, broadly in line with the (PEA) recommendations". The Gas Industry Transmission Access Working Group (GITAWG) that includes representatives from the TSOs and shippers, was formed.

Gas Industry Co is pleased with the willingness of TSOs and shippers to work cooperatively on this issue. Amended transmission Codes that satisfactorily address the identified problems and are supported by signatories and other stakeholders would be the best option in this situation. Gas Industry Co is supportive of this process.

At the same time, however, Gas Industry Co considers that the problems identified by the PEA are of such importance that their resolution cannot depend solely upon a voluntary industry process. For this reason, Gas Industry Co has embarked on a policy process to develop a counter factual design. More information about this project can be viewed under the Market Projects.

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