Gas Industry Co has a role under clause 25 of the Vector Transmission Code (VTC) of considering appeals in relation to change requests. Under clause 25.7, Gas Industry Co considers appeals and makes binding recommendations as to whether the change should be made.

In consultation with its shippers, Vector Gas Limited (Vector) developed a process for considering change requests and appeals under the VTC. Gas Industry Co and Vector have incorporated that process into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) setting out, in detail, the process that Gas Industry Co will follow when considering appeals. View the Gas Industry Co MoU with Vector document below.

On 3 September 2013, Gas Industry Co issued the Final Recommendation on the 27 November 2012 VTC Change Request. The Final Recommendation is to support the Change Request. However, some matters raised in submissions are beyond the scope of Gas Industry Co's VTC appeals body role but within it's broader role as 'industry body' under the Gas Act. These issues are addressed in a Note accompanying the Final Recommendation.

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Draft Recommendation
Final Recommendation

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