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Contingency Designation Applications

Under the CCM Regulations, gas consumers who satisfy certain criteria may qualify for a designation that provides a measure of priority access to gas in a critical contingency, subject to availability and the directions of the Critical Contingency Operator (CCO). Details for each designation category can be found below. Applications for designations may be made to Gas Industry Co using the forms in the left hand navigation.

Critical Care, for consumer sites that provide:

  • Hospital care (within the meaning of the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001)
  • Residential care, or support, of people with disabilities or people who are frail (whether because of their age or for some other reason) (please see guidance note below)
  • Primary health care
  • Dispensing medicines (within the meaning of the Medicines Act 1981)
  • Operating a prison (within the meaning of the Corrections Act 2004)
  • Essential support services for any of the above eg. laundry services, cleaning or catering

Essential services, for consumer sites that provide:

  • Mortuary Services
  • Cremation of human remains
  • Treatment of biohazards to make them safe for disposal
  • Processing and supply of municipal drinking water
  • Treatment and processing of municipal sewage
  • Police, fire, and other emergency services

Critical Processing, for an installation where the following process is performed:

  • A commercial or industrial process that fits the following criteria:
    • the process is underway; and
    • the process can be shut down in less than 18 hours; and
    • an immediate shutdown would require
    • disposal of dangerous or toxic chemicals; or
    • extensive operations before the plant could resume operation
  • A process that requires gas for a defined period in order to:
    • avoid serious damage to plant; or
    • mitigate serious environmental damage; or
    • prevent inhumane or cruel treatment of animals already at an abattoir

Electricity Supply:

To allow an electricity generating unit to start up and switch to an alternative fuel or to provide ancillary support to the electricity system.

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