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Critical Contingency Operator

Under the Gas Governance (Critical Contingency Management) Regulations 2008 (CCM Regulations), Gas Industry Co appoints a Critical Contingency Operator (CCO).

In November 2013, following the expiry of the first five-year term of the CCO appointment (held by Vector Gas Limited) and a competitive tender process, Gas Industry Co selected New Plymouth-based Core Group as the next CCO. The new appointment commenced on 1 March 2014.

Details of the appointment of Core Group, and the Service Provider Agreement can be found below under Related Documents.

The CCO:

  • Determines and declares the onset of a Critical Contingency;
  • Calls for load curtailment as required to balance the system;
  • Continuously monitors the supply/demand balance and adjusts load curtailment directions as necessary, and
  • Determines when it is safe to terminate a Critical Contingency. 

The CCO maintains a website of publicly available information that is updated continually during a critical contingency. Under Current CC Events on the CCO's website you can find notices:

  • Declaring or terminating a critical contingency;
  • Directing gas consumers to cease using gas (curtailment directions); and
  • In cases of extended outages, informational notices concerning the status and expected duration of the critical contingency (where possible).

The CCO website also includes planning documents  and reports under its Publications section, including:

  • Critical contingency management plan, which sets out how the transmission system operator, First Gas, will respond during and after a critical contingency;
  • Transmission system map; and
  • Consultation documents.

Critical notices that pertain to the declaration or termination of a Critical Contingency as well as notices directing gas consumers to cease using gas (curtailment directions).

In June 2020 the CCO was audited against the CCO Service Provider Agreement and the CCM Regulations. No areas of non-conformance were identified. A summary of this audit is found below. 


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